The health and athletic needs of any athlete include the reduction of fat from the body; like it or not, for you to run like the bolt, you don’t want extra fat on your body. You need more muscles and even more if you are a sprinter. Marathon or long distance running is less about speed and more about endurance; and since you will be running long distances, you need to improve on the pace you set rather than upper body strength and for this you need plenty of muscles. Health and athletic exercises include simple resistance exercises and each sport has a special exercise routine for its athlete.

Weight lifters need more upper body strength and most of them will do some muscle building exercises like lifting smaller weights at a time etc. Sprinters, rugby and football payers on the other hand also need the upper body strength and speed. Each sport varies and their exercise needs are different from one sport to another. Plyometrics; which are especially used in football and athletics include jumping and hopping over hurdles. This kind of exercise reduces body fat drastically and if the athlete has just returned to camp after several weeks or months from being on break, it is going to be the first thing that helps them regain shape. The Plyometrics improve the thigh strength and increases the speed of an athlete. Consistency is the key to obtaining success and without this, not even the best trainer in the world will make an Olympic athlete out of you. There is need to increase consistency of your exercises and to maintain a healthy diet so that you have the energy to exercise those muscles.

Aside from exercise and consistency, rest and recovery also makes a good athlete. Once in while you will become injured or you will feel as if you strained your muscles and you are sore all over; take a rest every day and massage your feet and legs, and relax every once in a while.

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